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Your Impact Matters. Help us hit our 2023 goal of raising $75,000 this Fall.

DCHS relies on support made by donations from our generous community. Every year, we receive donations that make a significant and tangible impact on youth and their families. 

If you want to support the work of DCHS, you can give in THREE ways:

#1 - Cheque

Payable to Durham Christian High School

#2 - E-Transfer

Sent to

#3 - Credit Card

Durham Christian High School is a member of the Christian School Foundation (CSF). The CSF is an organization that draws Christian schools and donors together to expand the influence of Christ in our Culture.

Through CSF, we are able to receive online donations as one-time gifts or as recurring monthly donations. These donations can be allocated to a number of different categories that fuel different initiatives within DCHS. Some of these initiatives includes academic support such as bursaries and scholarships, tangible items such as building construction and new equipment, or programs such as funding our new Construction Tech program or our weekly chapel program.

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