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What sets Durham Christian High a part from other high schools?

At Durham Christian, the teachers are unique

We set out to hire exemplary teachers – gifted Christian professionals who are committed to helping your teenager flourish in a challenging academic environment. They are teachers of integrity who believe in the unique giftedness of each of their students and who provide positive role models in a wholesome, healthy educational environment.

At Durham Christian, the campus events are unique

We recognize that a safe and positive atmosphere is of primary concern to both parents and students alike. To that end, we create events that foster community and working together in respect to each other. Events such as Toronto 360 Week, Student Body Leadership activities and the school's three days at Ontario Pioneer Camp are examples of how our school atmosphere is truly an unique community of students.

At Durham Christian, the course selections are uniquely-focused

Durham Christian provides your teen with a well-rounded education, with a particular emphasis on achieving excellence in languages, math, sciences and and business. In equipping our students for university, college or the work-force, we provide a technology rich environment where computers are essential learning tools. In addition to core subjects, we offer a range of fine arts courses as well as a solid extra-curricular program to encourage participation in athletic endeavours, visual arts, music, dramatic arts and other areas of interest.

At Durham Christian, the classroom discussion is engaging

We believe that the development of character is as important an aspect of learning as the development of the mind. Consequently, students are taught to uphold such values as integrity, honour and respect for others and are expected to demonstrate these qualities in their lives. Regular chapel assemblies and required courses in Religious Studies help to reinforce the values that parents and teachers strive to impart.

At Durham Christian, the quality of our graduates is unique in their giftedness

It is our desire to provide your teenager with the finest secondary education in a Christian environment that encourages self-discipline, creative thinking and strong character development, and that equips our students academically, socially, physically and spiritually for the challenges that lie ahead. Students are known by their instructors and have a confident attitude to address professors in their post-secondary ventures.

From the very beginning, Durham Christian High School has been dedicated to the enrichment of educating teenagers for 52 years.


Our Mission

Durham Christian High School strives to provide an excellent Christ-centered education which enables students to develop their sense of wonder at God’s work, their awareness of humanity’s role in culture, and their gifts for a life of service to God and others.

Our Vision

As board, staff, parents, and supporting community, we recognize how much we depend on God’s grace to:

Provide an academic environment which;

  • is embedded in God’s word

  • is creative, stimulating, and interactive

  • encourages special gifts and insights


Establish a community which;

  • is conducive to learning

  • provides leadership and discipleship opportunities

  • fosters respect and fairness


In response, students will;

  • Grow in their commitment to the Christian faith

  • respecting themselves as image bearers of God

  • understanding the complexity of God’s work

  • discerning good and evil in society


Develop their gifts;

  • acquiring solid academic knowledge

  • gaining skill in areas such as technology, arts, science and humanities


Increase their desire to serve God and humanity;

  • displaying integrity in life

  • demonstrating leadership and service

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