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Durham Christian High School Governance


Durham Christian High is governed by a Board of Trustees to which the

Principal reports. The board is comprised of distinguished Christian

leaders from across our community. Durham Christian High has adopted a Policy Governance model for the Board of Trustees. To learn more, view DCHS Constitution Handbook here

Current Board of Trustee members:

  • Mr.Paul Bandstra, Chair

  • Mr. Chris Ritskes, Treasurer, Finance

  • Mr. Grant Carr, Vice Chair

  • Mrs. Alicia Boekee, Secretary

  • Mr. William Paroschy

  • Mr. Ralph Woudstra

  • Mrs. Lisette Dale

  • Mrs. Kristy Engelage

  • Mrs Michelle Shaw

  • Ms. Shannon Marcus, Principal


Membership in the Durham Christian High School Association has many privileges including voting at Membership meetings and serving on the Board or one of the school committees.

Developing Minds

There's room for you at DCHS!

"In a climate of large class sizes and cuts to public education I feel so blessed to be able to send my teenagers to a school where they are known as an individual and valued for who they are. This coupled with a strong academic program surrounded by a community that loves Jesus made the decision to invest in DCHS an easy one! "
J. Henderson-Axler
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